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Windlands 2

Psytec Games Ltd
Based in London, United Kingdom

Release date:
12 Sep 2018 (Rift)  |  16 Nov 2018 (Steam)  |  5 Dec 2018 (VIVEPORT PC)  |  26 Nov 2021 (PlayStation VR)  |  2 Feb 2023 (Quest)  | 

29 Mar 2023 (VIVE XR Elite)  |  12 Jul 2023 (Pico)  |  TBC 2024 (PlayStation VR2)

Meta Quest
Oculus Rift
Steam VR
Sony PlayStation VR



Pico 4

Sony PlayStation VR2


Return to the world of Windlands, alone or with friends. Armed with grappling hooks and a bow, soar through the ruins of a fallen world. Embark on a journey to destroy the gigantic titans and save the world from an ancient danger.


  • Grappling hooks focused locomotion with parkour platforming.

  • Variety of expansive areas that reward exploration.

  • Single player or up to four player Co-op.

  • New Bow Weapon to use alongside the hooks in epic titan battles.

  • Fully voiced storyline with NPCs and world events.

  • Full Original Soundtrack.

  • Optional skill based Speed Run Races and collection challenges with Leaderboards.

  • Multiple advanced modes, including "no hooks", "one life" and "hook anything".

  • Collectables, Easter Eggs and Achievements that reward exploration with new hooks as rewards for completers.

Selected Articles

  • "Windlands 2 is really pretty amazing. The locomotion is so fluid & intuitive. It's going to be a breakout social VR game playing w 4 people"
    - Kent Bye, Voices Of VR

  • "Windlands 2 is one of the best VR titles of the year so far."
    - Virtual Reality Oasis, Youtube

  • "Just bloody buy it already, lads n lassies."
    - Zimtok5, Zimtok5 Website

  • "FANTASTIC - A true sequel in every sense of the word"
    - PSVR Frank, PSVR Frank Youtube

  • "soaring through the air and hooking your way to the top is ultimately a really novel experience that just feels right."
    - Scott Hayden, Road To VR

  • "Love, love, love this game"
    - Reckoner VR, Reckoner VR Youtube

  • "Welcome to Windlands 2, an amazing virtual reality video game!"
    - Ctop, Ctop Youtube

  • "All I can really say is do yourself a favour and grab this title"
    - Tattastic Gamer VR, Tattastic Gamer VR Youtube

  • "Swinging through the air with friends, rhythmically grappling between trees, and feeling the rush of adrenaline as I arc across the sky all while shooting my bow into the distance is an unrivalled joy in VR"
    - David Jagneaux, Upload VR

  • "We're impressed by the polished and fluid movement mechanic it's ton of fun!"
    - Tested,

  • "An awesome VR game that allows you to become spiderman in Virtual Reality!"
    - RowdyGuy, RowdyGuy Youtube

  • "Polished gameplay and a great co-op mode make this an essential title for everyone who wants to feel like Spider-Man"
    - RealoVirtual,

  • "With Windlands 2's unique & exciting locomotion system, you'll never want to stop soaring!"
    - Cas And Chary VR, Cas And Chary VR Youtube

  • "This is a game where I am absolutely loving the mechanics and the feeling, it doesn't really matter what i'm doing, just simply floating around is very unique"
    - Steve, VR Roundtable Youtube



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