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Psytec Games selected to receive UK Games Fund

More than £3 million of UK government funding has been awarded to emerging video game developers and start-up studios to help them scale their businesses and create the next British gaming hits.

We at Psytec Games are honoured to be a recipient of the UK Games Fund alongside 21 other growing studios. This funding allows us to scale up our studio and continue developing industry-leading social, action adventure experiences for immersive platforms.

Windlands 2 by Psytec Games

The Content Fund provides UK games studios with grants of £50,000 to £150,000 to support the development of intellectual property, allowing them to attract more investment. Investing in video games at this crucial development stage will help UK studios grow their businesses and create more jobs, and in turn grow the economy.

The 22 video game studios that have been awarded grants are:

  • Blazing Griffin (Glasgow)

  • Bonsai Collective (remote)

  • Companion Group (London)

  • Fumb Games (London and Surrey)

  • GLITCHERS (Edinburgh)

  • Hyper Luminal Games (Dundee)

  • Lucky Mountain Games (London)

  • Newfangled Games (Norfolk)

  • Nomad Games (Warrington)

  • Nyamyam (South East England)

  • Psytec Games (London)

  • ReadGraves (East of England)

  • Silent Games (Newcastle)

  • Singer Studios (London)

  • Size Five Games (Dorset)

  • Soul Assembly (Leamington Spa)

  • Spilt Milk Studios (remote)

  • Terra Tek Studios (London)

  • Tiny Rebel Games (Newport, Wales)

  • Triangular Pixels (Cornwall)

  • Warp Digital Entertainment (London)

  • Variable State (London)


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