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Monetisation permission for games by Psytec Games Ltd

I, Jonathan Hibbins a Director at Psytec Games Ltd give my explicit and legal permission to any user of your video broadcasting service, to monetise videos of Psytec Games Ltd made games including but not limited to Windlands, Windlands 2, Crystal Rift or any other title, prototype or game jam project developed by Psytec Games Ltd in the past, current or future, on any channel owned by anyone.

This permission is (retroactively) valid from the moment your service has been launched. This permission shall not be limited to any amount of time, country / territory.

Seriously, “You” are allowed to monetize videos using our games for commercial goals. It is good for us too when people share their opinion about our games. Watching content creators like you sharing videos of yourself or other people playing our games is really energising for us and gives us a glimpse into the impact our titles are making.

We want to support you as a content creator, whatever amount of revenue you earn from your videos is totally cool with us. If you need irrefutable proof, please click where this exact message is available in full on the official Psytec Games Ltd website.

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